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When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, your lives can change significantly. Whether the charge is a DWI, a Theft-related offense, Domestic Assault, Drugs, a Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor, Felony charge or serious traffic offense, it is important to have aggressive, experienced, trusted and respected representation on your side. Call Martin Azarian, he has over twenty-one years of criminal defense experience, nineteen years in Minnesota. He has the criminal defense experience and and a reputation for getting the best results for his clients.

Before being charged with a DWI or other Crime in Minneapolis

If you are about to be charged, or if you have been charged with a crime do not speak to anyone about your case other than your attorney. Remember, you do not have to talk to the police.  In fact, you should not speak to the police at all.  Even if you are innocent, the police may not believe you and anything you say may be used against you.  Many defendants convict themselves simply by talking to the police.  Talking to the police may limit your defenses, it may place you at the scene  of the crime, and it may prevent you from asserting certain defenses.  If you do not yet have an attorney call Martin Azarian at 612-343-9000.  He can help you. Do not assume you are guilty and do pre-judge your case or be your own attorney!

Do not wait for a Summons or a Complaint or a court date to come in the mail.  If you do, you may discover that you have lost  a number of your rights.  There are certain defenses that you may be entitled to and a Minnesota Criminal Lawyer can help you identify and use those defenses. Martin Azarian will give the advice and representation you need to help you obtain the best outcome for you.

Extensive Criminal and DWI Defense Experience

Martin Azarian Has A Total of Twenty-One Years of Criminal Defense and DWI Defense Experience, Seventeen Years in Minnesota. For twenty-one years, both in New York and Minnesota, Martin Azarian has been practicing criminal law and has developed a no-nonsense reputation. He is a tough negotiator who is well respected amongst the Twin Cities legal community. He has represented thousands of clients charged with:

Minneapolis & St. Paul Criminal Lawyer

No matter the charge, you need to be guided through Minnesota’s very complex legal system. Remember, each county is unique.  Each county has its own judges, prosecutors,  and procedures. What may work in one county or with one judge will not work always work in another county or with another judge. Even before you make your first court appearance Martin Azarian will advise you  and keep you informed every step of the way.  When you retain Martin Azarian he will personally represent you.  Throughout the entire process Martin Azarian will defend you.  He does not farm out his cases.  When you retain him you are retaining one of Minnesota’s most knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorneys.

You will be confident in knowing you have retained one of the most experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorneys!  Martin S. Azarian is known for his honest, tough and agressive representation. He is result oriented, and has achieved many case dismissals, reduced charges, and not guilty verdicts in his 21 plus years of criminal defense.

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Contact the Law Firm of Martin S. Azarian, P.A. today at 952-975-0663 for your free initial telephone consultation. You need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will listen to you and ensure the best outcome for your particular case. Don’t hesitate another moment and make sure you have the right representation by your side.

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